How to wear a rainbow makeup set to celebrate Kye’s birthday

Kye Sauerbrunn was born with a disorder in which he has trouble seeing colors.

When he was a toddler, Kye was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes people to be less expressive.

While many of his friends struggled with their own learning disabilities, Kyes mother, Kelly, decided to take Kye under her wing.

Kelly said Kye started learning to dress up and dress up well, and she began dressing him up in a rainbow outfit.

Kelly said she also made him a makeup vanity set for his birthday, where she would show him pictures of makeup he had worn and tell him how to use it.

She would ask him to put on the lipstick, brush his teeth, and put on a face paint, which he would use on his cheeks, neck, and cheeks.

Kelly also would help him with makeup so that he looked like he was wearing makeup on his face.

She also told him about makeup tutorials that were on the internet and encouraged him to take them home with him.

Kelly explained that she had been working as a makeup artist for years and Kye loved it because he was able to use makeup to make his face look natural.

Kelly started wearing makeup and told Kye to be careful not to touch the makeup while wearing it, and that he should be careful about putting on lipstick when he is not wearing it.

Kelly told Kyes that makeup makes the skin look smoother and more youthful, and Kyes also began to love makeup, so she began to wear makeup and ask him about it.

She would ask Kye how many people he had met in his school and how he liked their faces.

She also would tell him about the makeup tutorials and what they were like, and ask Kyes to take photos of them and post them on social media so that she could show him what they looked like.

Kelly also would ask that Kye wear his makeup at the salon every day and when he was home from school, wear his lipstick and wear the makeup vanity to show him how the makeup looked.

Kelly would sometimes help Kye by wearing makeup as well, so Kye could look his best, but she was also trying to encourage him to wear more makeup and to ask him questions about makeup.

In addition to her own work, Kelly has a degree in social work and a masters in social services.

Kye is currently enrolled at a local college.

Kye Sauers sister, Ashley, said that her brother’s condition and autism made it very difficult for Kye and his family to understand how to care for him.

Kries sister, Jennifer, said she was the one who had to work very hard to get him the medication he needed to get better.

They say they wanted him to live life like a normal, happy, normal boy.

When asked about Kye, Kelly said that she knew how hard it was for him to understand and was worried about what would happen if he did not understand the basics of what he needed.

Kelly says she was happy when Kye graduated from college and began getting better.

Kelly believes that Kyes success will help other people with autism and other disorders.

“When he was younger, Kays father was in a wheelchair and he would struggle with speech because he had to speak to someone,” Kelly said.

“So I knew that if he had a family, if he could go to a therapist, if I could be there for him, I was sure he would be OK.

Kys father, however, is still in a lot of pain and I believe he will never be able to move again.

He can’t walk.”

Kelly and Kees parents say that Kies success will benefit all of us.

Kelly and Kys mother are also hoping that Kys success can help people with learning disabilities who have been diagnosed with autism, who are struggling with social interactions, and people with Aspies condition, who may not have a parent who understands the disorder.

Kelly is the founder of Kye the Rainbow Cosmetics and Hair Salon, which she opened in 2016.

She says she wants to provide beauty and comfort to all of her customers.

Kelly says that her company is a way for people with disabilities to be seen and treated by others, and they are also a way to provide a positive image to their community.