Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation could begin with eyeshadows

Two Israeli-Palestinians from the West Bank are planning to visit Jerusalem on Wednesday and Friday for a meeting to discuss reconciliation and the future of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, a source close to them told The Jerusalem Mail on Sunday.

The two, who live in the West Jerusalem neighbourhood of Har Nof, have agreed to come to the Palestinian-populated areas of the city, which they call al-Aqsa, to discuss the “future of al-Buraq”, which has become a major flashpoint for the conflict in recent months.

According to the source, both men are willing to make the trip because they believe that this will be the beginning of the end of the violence between the two communities.

“The two Israelis are already planning to return to the West al-Quds and al-Ramallah for a visit, and are currently in the process of arranging the visit,” the source said.

They are also planning to meet with other Israeli citizens who have lived in the Palestinian communities for several years.

“On their arrival in the Israeli side, the two Israelis will meet with the local Palestinians, and the two Palestinians will then be able to visit each other,” the person added.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to meet the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the presidential palace in Ramallah on Wednesday, as the two leaders continue their long-awaited peace talks.

“We are ready to meet Abbas.

We have had our first meeting with him on January 11.

We expect to have more meetings with Abbas in the coming weeks,” Netanyahu’s office said on Saturday.

The Israeli-American and Israeli-French diplomats are due to hold talks on Tuesday at the president’s residence, the office of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Barak told AFP news agency.

“At the end, the Palestinian side hopes to meet and have a formal meeting with both Israeli and French presidents at the palace in the capital,” it added.