Why you should stop using makeup today

I have been a makeup junkie for years and have been using it for nearly 20 years.

But today, the average makeup consumer is far more likely to be using makeup for aesthetic purposes, rather than for a high-end, high-performance look.

That is because the trend of using makeup as a “primer” is starting to wane. 

As beauty and beauty products continue to proliferate, we need to start to think about makeup as an essential product that can be used to enhance the appearance of skin and hair. 

If you’re like most consumers, you will probably think about using a foundation in the fall and your eyeshadow in the spring, but most of us are more likely now to use makeup in the summer and fall as an everyday wear product. 

It is clear that there is a trend towards using makeup in a more “artistic” way. 

However, this shift is not happening overnight.

While we are certainly seeing a significant increase in the use of makeup as both a foundation and a highlight product, I have noticed that there are also significant trends in the usage of makeup in this fashion. 

The first trend to shift is to go for “artful” looks and use makeup as more of a primer and highlight product.

This trend is very much in vogue in recent years and it’s become much more prevalent in the makeup industry. 

For example, the look that I’m showing here, is the “artsy” look I am wearing.

This look is very “artificial” in nature, and it is a very aesthetic look. 

This style of makeup is not just for a beauty benefit, it also makes the skin look fuller and smoother. 

But it is also for a purpose.

A lot of makeup looks, whether it is on the face or the face-to-body area, are used to help the skin appear smoother and more youthful.

 The same is true of using a primer. 

These are both essential ingredients to any look, and they should be used for the best possible results. 

So, what do I mean by “artistry”? 

I’m not talking about what a makeup artist would consider a “good look” here.

That’s a really subjective term, and I’m sure there are some makeup artists out there who think a “beautiful look” is just a cosmetic thing, and don’t really care about the look.

I’m talking about the beauty of makeup. 

I would argue that the artistry in the creation of a makeup look is far greater than that of a beauty product.

I think we are starting to see more and more artists incorporating a great deal of natural beauty into their work, and in doing so, are beginning to see beauty in everything from everyday wear to makeup.

I want to help you find the beauty in the beauty you see in yourself, your skin, and your hair.