How to make brown eye makeup with NYX makeup

Make up for your brown eye using NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette!

The palette comes in two sizes.

The first, the Brown Eyeshadows palette, contains 10 products that are suitable for eyes and brows, and the second is the Eyesharks palette, which is composed of 15 products suitable for brows and eyelashes.

The palette contains over 30 eye products, while the Eyeworks palette contains only 4 eye products.

The palette includes five different eye products and the Eyewords palette contains two eye products that you can purchase separately.

The Eyewashes palette comes with the eye products in a container with a circular lid.

Each eye product in the Eyeyes palette comes individually in a separate jar, which also doubles as a storage container.

Each eye product comes with a separate, reusable jar.

The Eye Shadows palette comes packaged in a small, black container.

The Brown Eyewash palette comes packed in a black and red container.

Eyewashing and makeup are a big deal in India, so we decided to get in on the action and give you some tips on how to make your own eyeshadow palettes.

Here are the tips we used to make our own eyes by using NYE Cosmetics.

We bought the Eyeks palette, because we wanted to have more options in terms of color choices.

The shades were perfect for our skin tones, and we were very happy with the color range.

The Eyeyesharks Palette comes with two shades, brown and blue.

I used brown eye shadow to shade my cheekbones and brow bone area, and I was happy with how they turned out.

It was a great option for a cheek highlight, and it was easy to blend.

I wanted to make the eyeshadows with a neutral color for a neutral-looking eye.

I was looking for a bright and neutral color to create a neutral tone, and this brown color matched my tone perfectly.

The colors were also great for a little eye make up, and they did not make my eyes look overly pigmented.

I also like the color because it is a neutral, but not too neutral.

The brown eye shadows are great for highlighting and shadow, so I wanted to do that.

I like the look of the brown eye shades in a natural setting.

The eye shadow blended out so well, and there was no redness.

The shade is soft and soft, and didn’t feel heavy on the eyes.

It blended out beautifully.

The eyesharks palette comes wrapped in a very cool-looking, white plastic.

I’m a fan of the look.

I can’t wait to try the other eye shadows in the palette.

The eyeshades palette is not a great choice for brow or eyelash makeup.

The color is a bit off-center for a brow color.

But for eyes, it is very flattering.

I love that the eyes have a little more definition.

The blue shade was a bit more muted for the brow.

The purple shade was too dark for the eyelashes, and wasn’t quite enough for the eyebrow.

I liked the contrast.

I thought that the color looked really good in the eyes, and would definitely wear this as a highlight.

I really like the colors in this palette.

They blend out so perfectly and blend well with my skin tone.

I am not too concerned about the color, but I do want to be sure to use my eyeshade as a shadow in the future.

I would recommend buying this palette if you are a fan, and are looking for some neutral, fun eye makeup.

I hope you enjoy!