Why are you wearing eyeliner? ‘I don’t know if it’s a bad look, I think it’s the makeup’: ‘I’m a makeup artist’

Two faces.

Two sets of makeup.

That’s what we call makeup.

The idea behind makeup is to take the natural beauty of our eyes, the natural glow of our skin, and give it a special, special glow.

But it’s also really about what we look like.

You see, if you’re a makeup artists and you can look at someone else’s makeup and think, I wonder what it would look like if I wore this, I’m gonna have a hard time finding a match.

But, you know, I can look, and I can see it’s really hard to find a matching pair of eyes.

So, I mean, that’s kind of the beauty of makeup: the way you can combine all of those things.

You can find your match and it’s totally different.

It’s totally unique.

And it’s very exciting, you don’t really have to look at other people’s eyes or see other people in a mirror to find your makeup match.

So that’s where makeup comes in.

You know, makeup has always been the beauty product of choice, but it’s not the only beauty product.

There’s a lot of other beauty products.

And that’s what makeup is.

It just happens to be the best of the best.