Why you should buy cosmetics in Egypt

Makeup wipes are all the rage these days.

They are available at almost any cosmetics store in the country and they are very affordable, which makes them popular with expats and expat-related groups alike.

It is not uncommon to see the price tags on makeup wipes on the shelves of some of the biggest cosmetics chains in Egypt, such as Zara and Sephora.

They can be bought in big tubs of 20-30 wipes each, so it is not hard to see why the price tag is so attractive.

But are they really the best makeup wipes available in Egypt?

The beauty industry in Egypt is largely controlled by one company, Beauty King, which is owned by the Egyptian government.

The company is based in Cairo and has about 400 employees.

Their sole focus is on selling cosmetics and cosmetics products.

In 2016, they sold about £1 million worth of makeup wipes, which they had to pay for using a government-run charity.

Despite this, it is believed that cosmetics wipes are cheaper than the cheaper alternatives in Egypt.

So, why is it cheaper?

The best makeup wipe is called an isowear and is made by the same company that makes the masks and powders in cosmetics.

I am told that it costs around $30 to make a full-sized mask.

While you can purchase it from many local beauty shops, I have found that it is a very expensive product, as it comes in the shape of a small plastic bag with a plastic lid.

To make a proper mask, you must first brush the product into the area and apply the desired amount of product.

There is a plastic cap on the side of the bag that can be removed and then put back on to make it waterproof.

After you have applied the mask, it can be used in your bathroom, on your face, or on your body.

However, it does have a limited shelf life.

One of the most popular makeup wipes is called a makr.

It is a thin white plastic mask that comes in a small, plastic tub.

This is made from a mix of cotton and polyester and has a removable lid.

It comes in white, yellow, or pink.

My advice to expats living in Egypt who do not have access to a beauty supply store is to buy some of these makeup wipes and then try them out yourself.

For me, it was really fun to try out a range of different brands and styles of makeup.

I would have loved to try all of them, but it would have cost me a fortune.

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