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FourFourThree is a Sydney-based brand of beauty products, featuring brands like Sephora, MAC Cosmetics, and Estee Lauder.

The brand has its own Twitter account @Cosplay, which is where you can find more product news and exclusive content.

The brand launched a makeup subscription last year that included two brushes, a foundation and a lipstick.

The brushes were included in the $39.99 beauty subscription, which came with a complimentary travel palette.

This month, the cosmetics subscription cost $79.99.

It’s a nice addition to the Cosplay collection, but the makeup subscription seems a little gimmicky.

The mascara is a little too big and the lip pencils aren’t very effective.

I’m not sure why they chose to sell makeup brushes, but that’s a problem when you can’t get a product out of a brush.

I understand why they would, because these brushes are meant to be worn on the face, but they’re pretty pricey.

I can’t imagine paying $50 for a brush if you only get a palette and a lip pencil.

I think it’s more of a gimmick for the brand.

The Cosplay makeup collection also comes with two makeup brushes.

You can get a basic brush, a lip brush and a brow brush.

The product range of Cosplay cosmetics is impressive.

The foundation and eye shadow palettes are great, and the eye shadow palette is fantastic.

I would’ve loved to have gotten a brush that was really good, but Cosplay’s product range is pretty much all-around excellent.

The beauty subscription comes with a makeup brush, which looks great on the cheekbones.

I love that you can use it on the lid.

The brush itself is a bit thick and it’s not long enough to be comfortable for my lips, but it does the job.

The lipstick is also very pigmented, and it lasts well.

I like the applicator and the shade choices.

The Cosplay Cosplay Eye Palette has a matte finish, which I think is a good change of pace from the past Cosplay palettes.

The palette is very nice, and there are three different shades.

The shade choices are not particularly bold, but I really like the color palette, which seems like it would be perfect for a more casual look.

The lipstick swatches look nice, with a nice matte finish.

I liked the texture of the shade palette, as well.

The makeup brushes are comfortable and easy to use.

I wish they had more pigmentation and more volume, but overall I’m really happy with the makeup brushes on this palette.

It’s a good value and a good look.

Cosplay is also offering a lip gloss subscription, but this time it’s called “Blue Eye.”

I can see this one being a good buy if you’re looking for a good, affordable beauty subscription.

CosplayerCosplay Lip Gloss in Blue Eye is available for $19.99 for a 6-pack.

The cosmetics subscription costs $79 and is available now.

I will be taking my review of the collection and my full Cosplay cosplay makeup makeup brushes and makeup swatches from the Cosplayer Cosplay Beauty Cosplay lip and eye cosmetics samples over the next few days.