Teaser for Teaser: Teaser of the Teaser Collection

Teaser collection for the summer, a collection of high-end eye shadows and eyeshadows, will be available in stores nationwide starting Friday, August 12, with a wide selection of the most popular eye shadows, makeup, and eye shadows available for purchase on Teaser.

The collection, which will include three eye shadows: teasers, high-low shadows, and highlighters, will offer four different eye shapes and a range of eye types.

The range of teasers includes a range from black to pink, with the pink shade being the darkest.

The teasers are a great option for beginners who don’t have the time or patience to master the art of eyeliner, but those who are willing to experiment with the eye shapes can find some truly gorgeous shades.

“Each palette will be individually packaged in a special box and will be accompanied by a complimentary teaser,” Teaser stated.

“This special package will include an exclusive gift box, limited edition teasers and a specially designed swatch sheet with all four shades of teaser available for immediate purchase.

These swatches will be limited to a limited number of items and will only be available for a limited time.

These special swatches are only available through the Teasers Facebook page and will not be available on other retailers.”

A limited number is set at 50,000 and is limited to one purchase per person. 

The collection includes six different eye shadow shades, two highlighter shades, a neutral palette, and a highlazer eye primer.

 There are also 12 matte eyeshadow shades.

The palette is also available in a glitter version. 

Here’s what the collection looks like: