Which makeup brand is getting an Kylie Makeup campaign?

We just released our annual list of the Top 10 Cosmetics Brands to Make a Million Dollars, and we are thrilled to reveal that Kylie has landed a brand new Kylie Cosmetics campaign.

The campaign, “Kylie MakeUp: A New Beginning,” is designed to be a celebration of Kylie’s beauty and is set to debut at the end of September in New York City.

The campaign features a range of high-quality products from Kylie and her team that will be available for sale through Kylie.com in the United States, as well as in China.

Here are the products featured in the Kylie “A New Beginning” campaign:• Kylie Lipgloss• Kylian Lipstick• Kylin Eyeshadow• Kylies Matte Liquid Lipstick· Kylie Face Gloss• Kylia Beauty Powder· Kylin Oil Brush· Kyly Beauty Palette· Kylys Liquid Eye Brush· and Kylie Eyeshadows.

The Kylie Beauty Palettes feature an assortment of high quality, luxurious, matte products.

This range of products includes Kylie products such as:• L’Oreal Lip & Lipstick (sold exclusively through Kylies online store)• L.A. Balm® (sold only through Kylys online store)*• A.P.C. Beauty Brush and Stick (sold through Kyliémes online store and at beauty salons, makeup salons and beauty stores)• and A.


Lip & Tint (sold at makeup salon, beauty salon and beauty store)The Kyli Beauty Palms are available at beauty stores and beauty salonies across the United Stations, with an assortment in the U.S. and in select countries.

All of these products are exclusive to the KyliCosmetics.com online store.

The Kyli Cosmetics.org website will continue to carry these products throughout the campaign.

Check out more on the Kylies new Kyli Makeup campaigns at the following links:•Kylies website (for current and future campaigns)*•Khloe Cosmetics website (available for future campaigns)*The Kylies “A NEW BEGINNING” campaign also features a new line of “luxe” products:• Kléis Cosmetics (sold in all major U.K. beauty stores)*• Kyli Lipsticks (sold online and at Sephora, Sephoras beauty stores, beauty shops and beauty salon)• Kyline Lipstick*• Kyly Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks• and Kyli Eye Brushes.

We have seen a massive surge in Kylie cosmetics sales during the past year, and the company has been on a tear with the release of the “A Nude Makeup” and “A Glossy Makeup.”

In addition, we are excited to see Kylie launch the “Klie Cosmo Lipstick Collection” as well, which will include Kylie-designed lipsticks for both men and women.

These new cosmetics will be sold exclusively through the Kyls online store, and will be priced at $39.99 for men and $49.99 with a coupon for $20 off the regular price.

The “KLies Luxe Lipstick” will retail for $69.99, which includes a $15.99 value-added tax credit and is available in-store only. 

The “Kluys Luxe Eye Brusches” will be $15 each for men, women and kids. 

Kyli is also launching a line of lip glosses and eyeshadows for men.

These new lip gloss products will be offered in-stores and online only for men only, and are available in sizes from $18.99 to $50.00.

These lip gloss shades will be made from high-end ingredients, including Aveda, Pure Vitamin E, Vitamin E Liquid, Pure Shea Butter and Pure Shea All-In-One and are also available at Sephsora. 

“Kyliemakes” products will also be available in Sephoretoys online store starting September 6th, and in Sephsory’s Sephortons online store beginning September 6, 2018.

We will continue with our line of Kyli beauty products and have a range available for purchase on the “Makeup Shop” page of Kylies website.