How to get tattooed in a few minutes with Target’s ‘cool makeup’ looks

Target is launching its first-ever tattoo parlour in Ireland on Monday, and the store’s products range from cute little accessories to a range of “cool” cosmetics and makeup for your face.

The beauty brand’s new tattoo shop will open at the iconic Ballymore Square in Dublin on Monday afternoon and will feature a “tattoos, cosmetics, and makeup area”, as well as a range from its “cool makeup” line.

The tattoo parlor will be the first of its kind in Ireland and will be open to the public.

The store’s “cool beauty” line, which also features a makeup counter, is a new addition to the brand’s cosmetics portfolio, as it has been expanding its offerings to include new skin care products.

Target said that while it has a “large, diverse and diverse range” of products on offer for customers, its tattoo shop “is an extension of our existing range of cool makeup products”.

In an exclusive interview with The Irish Sun, Target beauty expert Rachel O’Connor, who runs beauty products for the brand, said that her clients are looking for “cool products” and that the shop “gives them that”.

“They are looking to make it easier and more accessible to their skin,” she said.

“There are really great products for those of us who love tattoos, and they are very popular with our younger clientele.”

While the shop’s name refers to its appearance, it also refers to “cool”, which is an old-fashioned term for a tattoo.

O’Connor said that when customers first walk in the shop, they are greeted with a “wow-factor” which is “not something they can really tell from the colour of their skin”.

“You can see that it is a lot younger than it is for some other places that you might have to go to,” she added.

She added that she feels “really fortunate” that Target has decided to create the shop and that it will be a “big deal” for the company.

“It will be an enormous boost for the growth of the brand and will definitely boost its profile in the UK,” she explained.

Target’s new “cool skin” line is currently available in the US and Australia.

“I think people will be blown away by what they can see and what they will get for their money,” she concluded.