The truth about what it’s like to be a human in space

If you’ve ever been in space, you probably know how to dress up in a space-themed outfit.

But there’s a new trend among space tourists who have found a way to make their space trips less uncomfortable.

Here’s how it works.

article The trend involves using an alien makeup mirror.

In this video, a tourist takes a selfie and puts on a makeup mask, in the hopes of avoiding the discomfort of a face-to-face meeting with an alien.

The mirror was developed by a group of university students and their research team from Melbourne, Australia, and is a space alien costume.

They’ve also made the costume available on the internet for other space tourists.

They developed the mask in the hope that it could alleviate some of the discomfort experienced by some people while they are in space.

They’re hoping that by wearing a mask while on a trip to the International Space Station, the human body and consciousness might be kept in a more relaxed state.

It has been designed to look like a face mask, but it’s actually a mask made from an alien body, which is covered in alien technology, the team said.

The team created the mask by combining the body of a humanoid, such as a human, with the makeup of an alien species.

The mask was then placed over the face, and the wearer would use the mask to avoid the discomfort associated with a face to face meeting with a humanoid in space during their visit.

This is how the alien makeup worksThe mask is made from a piece of an old face mask that was worn by a human before they went into space, the researchers said.

“This is what makes this mask unique,” Dr Paul Tannenbaum, one of the team, told

“The mask itself is made out of organic material, but when we apply the mask it is synthetic, with no organic materials in it.

It’s organic material which allows the body to absorb all the toxins and pathogens that a human would normally experience while in space.”

Dr Tannengbaum said it took about 20 hours for the mask and mask attachment to take the shape of the face mask it was made out in, which was then attached to the face using a plastic hook.

“It’s like wearing a face cover on your face while you’re on a plane,” he said.

“You can use the hook to hold the mask down, but you also need to hold your mask with the hook for the duration of the flight.”

The mask was originally developed for a group who were in Sydney, Australia when they visited the International Astronaut Centre in Florida, but they decided to take their mask to the space station.

Dr TANNENBAUM said the mask was a very safe and comfortable costume for people who had travelled to space and the mask is a product of the science fiction film Alien, which the team was inspired by.

The mask has been created by the team from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne.

It was developed using the science-fiction film Alien.

Dr Paul TANNENGBAUM, who has been working on the mask for a year, said the team hopes that it will help people who have gone to space feel more comfortable.

“We hope this mask will encourage people who are considering making a space trip to reconsider because it has the potential to make the experience of visiting space a bit more comfortable,” he told News in an email.

“As we head into the final frontier of the manned spaceflight programme we can all learn a lot from this experiment.”

The project is still in its infancy, but Dr TANNONENBAM said they hoped to have a product ready for sale within a year.