How to create your own unicorn makeup using unicorn makeup brushes

When you’re ready to start your own fashion brand, you might not have a ton of time to devote to the craft, so why not take a break from it all?

That’s exactly what we did.

We started Unicorn Beauty with a simple premise: We wanted to create our own unicorn cosmetics line using the same techniques and ingredients we use in our own beauty products.

That meant we needed to create makeup brushes and ingredients that would give the product a unicorn quality.

The beauty products we ended up with have a lot of similarities to one another, but also some subtle differences.

Read more Read More and the results were surprisingly awesome.

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to get started with Unicorn Beauty.

The basic ingredientsThe ingredients used to create Unicorn Beauty makeup brushes are simple and cheap.

You’ll need:A couple of 1/4 inch thick black nylon brushes. 

We used a brush called a Black Unicorn, which was a very common brand in Japan. 

These bristles were super thick and heavy. 

The Black Unicorn also has a large, curved tip that gives it a little bit of a “crown.” 

The bristles also come with a rubber coating, which helps prevent the bristles from getting scratched. 

This coating is made with titanium dioxide and silicone grease, and it helps keep the bristled tip from getting damaged. 

When you’re done, you’ll have something that looks like this:The brush comes with a nice protective case that has a hole in it, but it’s removable and can be removed for cleaning purposes. 

Black Unicorn brushes come in a variety of sizes, which are about the same as a lot’s of other Japanese beauty brushes.

You can also get smaller brushes and brushes with a smaller diameter. 

There are a few different types of brushes available, but we’ve decided to go with a medium-sized brush. 

Our Black Unicorn brush is slightly longer than our other brushes, and has a bit more of a tip than other brands. 

It’s also heavier, so you’ll need to take a lot more pressure to get the product onto your skin. 

You can get the brush in a few sizes (1/4″ to 1.5″ tall) and a lot (100ml to 2 liters). 

You’ll also need a few smaller bristles and some silicone grease. 

Silicone grease is usually used for making silicone face brushes, which means it’s easy to get rid of.

You may want to use silicone grease for the bristling, but you can use the silicone grease as a replacement for your brush.

You’ll need a pair of Unicorn Beauty face brushes to start.

The first brush you’ll get will be a 1/8″ thick Black Unicorn. 

Once you’ve finished your first brush, you can go back and make more, which is exactly what you should do. 

First, you need to get your face brushes.

Go to Amazon and search for a Unicorn Beauty brushes (you can find them all over the internet) and buy them. 

I used this Black Unicorn brush and it’s a great size for my face. 

Next, you should use silicone oil to make the brushes.

Silicone oil is a type of oil that can be applied to the bristls of your brush and gives them a nice soft feel. 

For example, I used a hair brush with a 1″ thick silicone oil on it, and then applied the silicone oil and a small amount of water to my face to create a soft texture. 

Finally, you want to apply some of the silicone in between the brush bristles. 

Using the Unicorn Beauty brush, I pressed the bristly tip with a very heavy, curved finger. 

That’s it. 

As you can see, the bristley tip has a very small diameter, so it needs to be pressed down hard with a little pressure to create the desired look. 

If you’re using a larger brush, it may need more pressure than usual. 

How to create unicorn makeupIngredientsYou can make unicorn makeup on any face and the ingredients are all fairly easy to find. 

A couple things to note: The ingredients for unicorn makeup are generally more expensive than regular makeup. 

Some ingredients you can purchase in the cosmetic aisle of a drugstore are more expensive. 

While the unicorn makeup is a bit pricier, there are many other brands that offer similar products, including Lemon Beauty, Elomi, Brunel, Ocetra, Etude House, Mizon, Natura, and Aurelia. 

However, Unicorn Beauty is the only brand that offers a wide variety of unicorn makeup products. 

What you’ll want to be careful ofIf you decide to start using unicorn cosmetics, you may want some extra help to get everything ready.