‘Booming’ Booming Booming’

Booming is the newest buzzword for the cosmetics industry, and it’s no surprise, given that the brand is all about that brand.

That’s not to say that the company isn’t going to make an attempt to expand its product line, or that it won’t expand beyond its core product lines.

But it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. 

Booming is a catchall term for a new wave of products, like those that Boomer is launching.

“Booming” is the brand’s official catchall word, and as it stands, there are no plans to launch anything beyond Boomer.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a given that Booming’s products won’t change.

The brand’s new products include new lipsticks, brow pencils, lip glosses, blush, and nail polish. 

According to the brand, they’re a “great mix of bold and feminine,” and that “the boomer look” is “perfect for every type of person, no matter how old you are or how cute you look.” 

As a result, it’s going for an “infinite variety” of products. 

“We’ve seen a tremendous response to Boomer’s products, and we’re very excited to continue expanding the Boomer collection with new product lines,” the brand said. 

As the company notes, the Boomers’ “unique boomer makeup looks” are a bit of a departure from other products that have sprung up in the cosmetics space.

“We wanted to create a boomer beauty product line that was very focused on our unique boomer formula and color,” the company said.

“For our first line, we’ve introduced the Boom Eyeliner, which is an extremely flattering, full-coverage eyeliner that’s a blend of pigments that give a soft, natural-looking glow to the eyeliner.

The next Boomer Eyeler is our latest eye-color and mascara-enhancing eye shadow line, called the Moisture Eye Lid.” 

In terms of makeup, Boomer uses an “artistic blend of ingredients to create unique and luxurious looks that look and feel like the look of a boommie.” 

The products range from the new, Boom-inspired Lip Gloss, which has a “soft, pigmented texture that gives a warm glow to lips” and is a “glow-resistant, waterproof lip gloss that’s formulated to provide the most flawless finish and coverage possible.” 

“The Moisturizing Eyeliners also provide a silky, moisturizing feel on the skin,” the Booms stated. 

The new mascara is a lip brush that is “designed to deliver a velvety, full coverage finish and achieve the look and look of an even more natural-like finish, without clumping, clogging, or clumping” the brand explained. 

To top it all off, Boomers eye shadow range is “inspired by the natural glow and luminosity of natural eyeshadows,” with a “sensational, light-toned, and warm-toning” formula. 

This all comes together in the “Boomer Lip Pencil,” which is “a rich, creamy, and silky matte lip pencil that’s designed to create the perfect shade of color for your lips,” the label added. 

And in terms of products that are more “cute” than “boom,” the brands latest range of eye shadows is for “beautiful, sophisticated, and chic,” with “the hottest new beauty trend in beauty right now,” according to the company. 

In other words, these are products that Boomers are hoping to get people to look like. 

For the full Boomer press release, click here. 

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