How to get better at makeup: beauty brands teach you the basics

You might have heard that the cosmetics industry is in the midst of a major overhaul.

With the help of makeup artists, they are training us to better understand our bodies, with the hope of creating a more attractive future.

We’ve all seen the commercials that promise to boost our skin’s luminosity and brighten the complexion of the face.

This is no longer a matter of convenience.

It’s a matter for our well-being.

In this article, BBC Sport looks at the basics of makeup for an ambitious young lady and her beauty regimen, how to use the right brush and makeup remover, how best to wear blush and concealer and the best ways to apply makeup.

More: Beauty tips from beauty brands The beauty industry As beauty has become more complex and individualised, the industry is undergoing a huge transformation.

With more than 80 million people working in the industry, and the demand for products like lip gloss, make-up and skincare, the makeup industry is an extremely lucrative business.

Here are some key tips for creating the perfect look, according to beauty brands: Make sure to apply foundation first and a thin layer on the top of the eyes, nose and cheekbones first.

Apply concealer to the eyes and cheeks first and then build up the look with concealer, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

Use a lip balm to give a glossy finish.

Brush a brow, nose or chin lightly.

The eyes are the area where makeup is applied the most.

Use the brush and the eye shadow to create a more defined look, using the brow pencil and brush to blend and highlight.

Blush is usually applied to the cheeks, cheekbones or on the chin.

Makeup remover is used on the eyelids and the temples, then applied to build the brows, temples and the eyes.

Apply foundation again on the eyes if you want a softer look.

Apply mascara to the inner corners of the eye and the inner corner of the cheeks and nose.

Use an eyebrow pencil and a powder brush to apply the mascara to your eye and cheek, and to the lashes.

To wear makeup, apply foundation, concealer or mascara to create the look.

The best way to apply Makeup Remover to your face The easiest way to use makeup removers is to brush them on and then apply it to your skin.

The more makeup is used, the easier it is to blend the makeup, and also, it’s easier to get rid of unwanted product.

Make sure the makeup remacer is applied correctly.

Apply the makeup to your cheekbones, chin and forehead.

Apply to the cheekbones of your nose, nose hairs, nose tip and forehead, which is the part of your face that contains the most pigment.

Apply makeup to the eyebrows, eyelashes and forehead as well.

Use makeup remove on the cheek bones, eyebrows and eyelashes to build up a rounded shape.

Blur the eyes to the bridge of the nose and make them look more rounded.

Use blush on the inner parts of your cheeks, eyelids, nose tips and eyebrows to give the appearance of a fuller face.

Use concealer on the eye to give it a smoky, bronzed effect.

Use eye shadow for the eyes when applying concealer.

Apply powder to the forehead and to your temples, making sure that the makeup is evenly applied.

Blurry the eye for a more natural look.

Use eyeliner and a bronzer brush to make the eyes look brighter and less dull.

Apply a blush or eyeliner brush to the eyelid to make them pop out of place.

Apply eye shadow or concealer when the skin tone is too pale.

Apply an eyebrow mascara to make your brows appear longer.

Use mascara for the eyelashes, cheek and temples.

Apply make-ups if you have a lot of products on your face.

Apply blush to the hair and apply concealer if you don’t have a good face wash.

Apply lip gloss and mascara if you need a little shine.

Apply your makeup remover to your nose and use it to apply blush and make-outs.

Use your blush and mascara remover if you are having difficulty applying your make-out products.

How to apply mascara on the face The best place to apply a mascara is on the outer part of the lips, especially the corners.

Apply it on the corners of your mouth, cheeks and the nose.

Apply eyeliner or powder on the lips to give them a smudge effect.

Apply lipstick on the nose to give some gloss.

Apply some lip liner to the outer corners of lips to add a bit of dimension.

Apply waterproof lip gloss to the lower lip area and apply the lip liner on the lower lips.

Apply primer on the upper lip area.

Apply highlight on the brow bone to make it pop out more.

Apply eyebrow liner to highlight and add dimension.

Blend in a little concealer between the eyebrows and lower lip.

Apply top coat if you