Which celebs are the worst at makeup?

Beauty Insider has released its list of the 10 worst makeup artists in Hollywood.

According to the report, the “biggest culprits” were makeup artists who specialize in “fantasy” makeup.

Beauty Insider found that out of the “most talented makeup artists,” 12 of the top 10 were makeup professionals who specialize “in fantasy” makeup, such as artists who create “glamour” and “natural” makeup in their studios.

Other notable offenders included the makeup artists for “The Good Wife,” “House of Cards,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Bachelor,” and “Master of None.”

The list of 10 worst glamour makeup artists includes some very well-known names.

There are some names you may not know that are on this list, including Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston.

The Beauty Insider list includes the top 5 biggest glamour talent in the world, with names like “Suey Monroe,” “Julia Louis-Dreyfus,” and Ashley Graham, as well as other well-established names like Kate Upton and Eva Longoria.

It also includes some of the worst makeup creators out there, including a couple of celebs who are very well known for their makeup, including Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, and Gwynne Paltroff.

Check out the full list of worst glamor makeup artists below: