The #ClownMascot Is Back!

When you look at clown makeup mascots, you can’t help but notice a lot of similarities between them and the way that makeup artists create the look for a character.

Both have eyes that flash and eyes that glow, but unlike makeup, the makeup artists use shadows, highlights, and colors to make their makeup look real and not just look like a photo.

This is one of the reasons that makeup is so difficult to replicate.

When makeup is made with the exact same ingredients, you end up with a product that has a lot in common with the look that the creator wants to convey.

When you think about it, makeup is really hard to recreate, because the makeup looks the same whether it’s on your face, your face and your face alone.

In the video above, makeup artist Amanda Soto shows how she takes inspiration from the look of her daughter’s makeup, as well as the makeup that is popularly used for Halloween in the United Kingdom.

Amanda Sotos says that her daughter had a special Halloween party and wanted to create a new makeup look for her that would give her the best of both worlds.

The results were pretty impressive.

In fact, Amanda Sotics makeup looked much like her daughters Halloween party, with a lot more makeup on her face.

Here are a few of the highlights of Amanda Sottos makeup video, which was filmed at a Halloween party: The first thing that stood out was that Amanda Sotic was using the same eyeliner and shadow on her daughter that she uses on her own face.

The other thing that stands out was the way Amanda Sotos makeup was blending together.

As you can see, her eyes were really shimmery and sparkly and she had a really subtle shadow in her eyes.

And then, her mascara and eyeshadow were very pigmented, so they blended together perfectly.

The makeup on Amanda Sosis face is so amazing that she also posted a video on her Facebook page where she says that she wanted to make sure that the look was as good as possible.

I’ve never worked in the makeup industry before, so I had a lot to learn.

I thought, “What are my options?”

The best way to do that is to start with a simple makeup tutorial.

When I was first learning how to do makeup, I was learning a lot about how to apply a lip liner and eyeliner, so my goal was to be as close to that as possible and that’s exactly what I did.

My makeup look in this video is very much inspired by my daughter’s Halloween party.

I really like the way her makeup looks on her, and I’m just happy to be a part of that Halloween party!

When Amanda Sots makeup video was released in November 2016, she also shared a tutorial for her daughter, which you can find here.

Amanda has done other makeup tutorials before and has a ton of other tutorials for her fans, so it is not unusual for Amanda to share a makeup tutorial with her fans.

Amanda is very open about the fact that her makeup is meant to be unique and to make you feel special.

In Amanda Sota’s tutorial, she shows you how to use eyeliner to highlight the eyelid and how to make the eyes look like they are made out of rubber, which is a lot like the Halloween party look.

This makes it look like she is wearing a mask and masking tools, but Amanda Sotomas makeup is definitely more authentic.

Amanda also has a number of makeup tutorials for other kids, and the tutorials are great because they are free.

It is very hard to find makeup tutorials that are for kids of all ages.

The tutorials are very detailed, so you can easily see what to do with the makeup to create the makeup look that you want.

It makes it easy to know how to look like the character that you have in mind and how your makeup looks when it comes to your makeup look.

It’s hard to get a good makeup tutorial for kids because it’s so easy to be like, “Oh, I don’t know, I’m too young.”

It’s not just the makeup, it’s the way you look in the video that is the real challenge.

Amanda explains in her video that she was looking for a makeup look so she could be like her mother, but I guess that’s why she made the makeup.

I wanted to feel like she was wearing a real mask, so the makeup was made with a very basic makeup brush.

I would say that her mother was also very talented, so she’s done a lot for kids.

If you look around, there are lots of makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, and Amanda Sotto is one that everyone can enjoy.

She is the first person that I would suggest to kids to try makeup if they are trying to get into makeup.

When Amanda started her YouTube channel, she was making a YouTube channel that was mostly about makeup, but she is constantly making new videos that are really interesting