How to use travel makeup bags in airports

Travel makeup bags can be a good idea if you’re travelling with friends or family and need to cover your face.

Travel makeup is often a good choice when your face isn’t covered with your usual makeup, such as concealer or concealer base.

Here’s how to use them.


Apply a face primer and concealer to the outer edges of your face and blend them together into a smooth, lightweight concealer.


Apply your travel makeup to the center of your forehead and blend it together into an oil-free foundation.


Apply some concealer around your eyes and blend in to a neutral-toned foundation to make your skin look younger and more youthful.


Apply an eyebrow primer and brow highlighter to the inner corners of your eye area and blend the two together into something more subtle and natural.


Apply concealer on top of your eyelids and blend around your eyelid ring and around your outer corners to create a neutral tone.


Apply eyeliner to your eyelashes and blend into your eyeliner.


Apply blush to your cheeks and blend under your eye to create an airbrushed effect.


Apply foundation on your cheeks to create subtle highlights and contour your face as desired.


Apply mascara on your lashes and create a natural looking effect.


Apply bronzer and highlight your face with a bronzer brush to create the illusion of a sunburst effect.