Disney and Disney Imagineers discuss makeup look

Disney and Imagineers are in talks to collaborate on an upcoming project with makeup designer Alex Hynes, according to a report.

The partnership would be based on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast theme park and Disney-owned brands including Makeup by The Artist and Beauty and The Beast: The Movie, as well as the theme park’s own “Beauty and the Beauty” character.

Hynes, a former model, is best known for his collaboration with Disney on the film version of the Beauty and Icons character, and also for his work with the film’s composer and the film itself.

The pair worked on the character’s look for years and eventually created a collection of three iconic looks for the theme parks.

Hyss makeup collection, which includes six full-size makeup brushes and a “dazzling” mirror with a “stunningly clear” color palette, was made available for the public to purchase on June 28, according the report.

Disney, which owns a number of other Disney-branded brands, has been a vocal supporter of the film franchise.

The Disney-inspired character is voiced by Jason Bateman and is based on the original film’s character, Ariel, voiced by Jennifer Connelly.