NFL draft: How a lot of people missed the biggest names in the NFL draft

The NFL draft began with a bang at the Miami Dolphins’ rookie mini-camp on Friday.

The draft will continue at the New York Giants’ indoor facility for the second consecutive year.

The first day of free agency began with three players from each team making their NFL debuts.

Here’s the list of the first-round picks:Auburn defensive end Myles Garrett was the first pick of the draft and the No. 2 overall selection by the Jets.

The Jets took Garrett with the second overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, which was followed by the Falcons picking the same player with the third pick.

Bucs quarterback Deshaun Watson was picked fourth overall by the Steelers, and was followed on the first day by the Browns taking the same pick from the Titans.

Cleveland Browns safety Jamal Adams was the fifth overall pick by the Bengals, followed by Cleveland Browns defensive end T.J. Watt.

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Michael Thomas was the sixth overall pick of Tennessee, and is now the team’s first-ever pick in 2018.

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was selected seventh overall by Jacksonville Jaguars, which sent their third pick to the Jets for the No and No. 22 overall picks.

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks was the eighth overall pick for the Seahawks, followed on Thursday by the 49ers taking defensive end Robert Ayers with the No, No. 31 overall pick.

The Jaguars were the first team to draft a defensive tackle from a Division I program since the 49er’s Trent Murphy in 2004.

New York Jets defensive tackle Myles Mack was the ninth overall pick, and the Jets took him with the fifth pick.

Houston Texans linebacker DeAndre Levy was the 11th overall pick and the Patriots picked the No 10 overall pick from Alabama.

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Justin Gilbert was the 12th overall selection and the Browns picked the 19th overall player overall.

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Tyus Bowser was the 13th overall picks, and Houston Texans defensive tackle Cam Johnson was the 14th overall.

Los Angeles Chargers cornerback A.J., also the 12 th overall pick on Thursday, was the 15th overall and Cleveland Browns second-round pick, according to the NFL.

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Sammy Watkins was the 16th overall overall pick to San Francisco 49ers.

Denver Broncos linebacker Shaq Lawson was the 17th overall draft pick by Arizona Cardinals.

Washington’s Kevin Pierre-Louis was the 18th overall round.

Philadelphia’s Jalen Collins was the 19, and Philadelphia’s Jordan Reed was the 20.

New England’s Devin McCourty was the 21.

Oakland Raiders safety Ed Reynolds was the 22.

Los Angles Chargers’ Tyus Joyner was the 23.

Jacksonville Jaguars safety Malik Jackson was the 24.

The Falcons took safety Landon Collins with the 26th overall Pick, and Arizona Cardinals selected him the 27th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft.

New Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey was the 29th overall, and Cleveland was the 32nd overall pick overall.

The New York Jets selected linebacker Malik Hooker with the 30th overall spot and the Texans took him the 31st overall pick with the 32.

The Patriots picked cornerback Kyle Fuller with the 33rd overall pick Thursday.

Houston Browns safety Ryan Anderson was the 34th overall with the 49th overall selected.

Houston Bills safety Tyus Thompson was the 35th overall on Thursday.

San Diego Chargers linebacker Ryan Pickett was the 36th overall picked.

San Francisco 49er defensive end Chris Borland was the 37th overall to the Seahawks with the Seahawks taking the 40th overall from Tennessee.

The Steelers took linebacker J.J