How to make your eyes pop with Jeffree Star’s makeup train case

In the face of the recent kerfuffle over Jeffree’s use of “blonde” makeup, the makeup train is back.

This time it’s a face mask.

Here’s what to look for when trying out this look for the holidays.

What you need:Step 1: The Face mask.

Step 2: The eyes.

Step 3: The lips.

Step 4: The eyebrows.

Step 5: The eyelashes.

Step 6: The hair.

Step 7: The makeup brush.

Step 8: Makeup Train case.

Step 9: The lip brush.

To apply your makeup, simply apply it to your face using the applicator, and then blend it in with your brows, lashes, and eyes.

Then brush the foundation on.

You can blend in any number of colors to your taste, but I’d recommend starting with a neutral base like a light blue, yellow, or orange.