How to Get the Perfect Eyeshadow to Make Your Day Beautiful

This is the perfect gift for anyone with a bit of a beauty obsession!

Whether you’re into black, white or brown eyes, this mascara can easily be used to make any of your eyelashes look fabulous. 

A laser-cut acrylic mascara will give you an even lash line and a full curl.

This matte formula is also great for the oily lashes. 

It’s made of organic acrylic that’s formulated to be non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free.

This mascara has a gentle formula, so it won’t irritate the skin, and it has a light, fluffy texture. 

You can get this mascara for £1 on Amazon, but you’ll need to buy a small amount of it to make sure you have enough for your eyes. 

The beauty brand Hoola also have an eye mascara in their range for £5.