New York Times: ‘Goth makeup look’ ‘bizarre, ridiculous’

New York City’s “Goth” makeup look is on the decline.

The fashion-forward makeup that once was the standard for women of all races and ages is now being replaced by an array of makeup that is more of a statement of individuality.

The trend has been on the rise for years and now some celebrities are taking to Instagram to share their own, un-goth, looks.

New York’s Times says makeup is on “the rise,” and there’s a trend that many “dude goth” brands are making the jump from their original black and white look to be more inclusive.

There’s even a trend of women taking on the new look to better reflect their personalities.

“Goths and Goth are not the same thing.

It’s not the ‘look.’

It’s the personality,” a rep for makeup brand Buxom tells the Times.

Buxoms founder, Kate Daley, told the paper she decided to take on the look in her teens because she was “over it” and had “too many people looking at me with their eyes.”

She says her black makeup and her dark hair are a statement.

“My friends and I always talk about how we wear black, and I thought, ‘If I can’t say that, how can anyone else?'”

Daley says.

“I feel like that’s the ultimate form of representation.”

For example, Daley’s look is a mix of a boho look and a dark-haired, black-and-white-style look that can be worn for a full day.

“This is a black and red look.

You can’t go too far with it.

You’ve got to stay in it.

But it’s also a statement,” she told the Times, “because I can see that you’re not just doing your makeup for the sake of doing it, you’re doing it because you feel you have to.”

In addition to Buxomy’s Instagram post, many women are posting their own look.

Instagram users are sharing photos of their looks in their own words.

One woman shared a photo of her black and gold hair, and it read: “Gotta get my hair to look like it was put on to look super black, but it’s actually my own hair!”

Another woman shared an Instagram photo of herself with a black wig and makeup.

She captioned it, “I’m getting ready to get my eyebrows done, but I just wanna share my look!”

Another person posted a photo with a “glossy black wig” that read, “Halloween party, Halloween costume!”

Another said, “When you wear black it is a statement.”

Instagram user kate is posting a black makeup look that says “black on the inside.”

“This makes me feel more feminine.

My black hair is long and thick, and when I get dressed up, I feel like I’m wearing the blackest and most glamourous wig you could imagine,” she captioned the photo.

“It’s like a mask, but you can actually feel it.

I’m getting more confident in my skin.

I like it!”

Another Instagram user, sara, shared a black eye makeup look.

“Black eyeliner makes me look more black than ever,” she wrote.

“For me, it looks like my eyeliner has a black liner inside it, and a black shadow under the liner.”

Instagram users shared other black makeup looks like these: “A black eye.

Black lips.

Black eyeshadow.

Black eyeliner.”

Instagramer gary is sharing a black face makeup look, with the caption, “Black eyeshadows.

Black mascara.

Black eye liner.”

“I love my black eyeshapes,” she writes.

“They’re my favorite part of me and make me look like a super super cool person.

They also make me feel like my eyes are really wide, and they make me really bold.

It makes me want to show my friends.

I do all my makeup with black eyes.”

Instagramner gary shared a picture of herself wearing black makeup, with her own Instagram caption, “#blackface, black makeup.”

Another Instagramuser, kate, shared an image of herself in a black eyeliner.

“If I wear black makeup I will be more black, like a black woman.

I love it,” she said.

“And I am a black person.

I am proud of it.”

Instagramber sarah shares a black lipstick look.

In her caption, she says, “This black mascara is my favourite makeup product I own.

It has such a dark shade and it makes my lashes look more dramatic.

I wear it every day.”

Instagrammer sarah is also sharing a makeup look with the hashtags #blackface and #blacklips.

“#blacklivesmatter and #BlackLips #blacklook,” she says.

Instagrammer jen has a very dark look.

She posted an Instagram image of her makeup, which read,