How to get bunny makeup and cute accessories for kids

Bunny makeup and adorable accessories for your kids are now available in the NFL.

The league released a new set of bunny makeup kits for the 2016 season and it includes a bunch of adorable, fun-to-use items for kids, which will be available to buy online starting on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

The collection includes everything from cute accessories to a bunny-inspired makeup palette.

Here are some of the coolest bunny makeup products available for the 2017 season:1.

Rabbit makeup kit: Available for $50 on the NFLShop website and online at the NFL Shop store.2.

Bunny makeup brush: Available in sizes 8, 10, and 12, and available for $20.3.

Bunny nail polish: Available as a one-time purchase on the league store.4.

Bunny earrings: Available to buy at the league shop.5.

Bunny hat: Available on the League Shop website.6.

Bunny socks: Available at the LeagueShop store.7.

Bunny sunglasses: Available online at NFLShop store and at the Nuts & Bolts store in stores like Macy’s and Home Depot.8.

Bunny necklace: Available from the NFL shop for $60.9.

Bunny shirt: Available now in the league’s Nuts and Bolts range for $120.10.

Bunny coat: Available today for $100.11.

Bunny glasses: Available this fall in the Naturals range for the NFL Store.12.

Bunny purse: Available next summer in the range for Macy’s.13.

Bunny scarf: Available Oct. 17 in the Nike NFL store.14.

Bunny mask: Available again this season in the Saints Naturics range for NFL Shop.15.

Bunny pendant: Available through NFL Shop now.16.

Bunny headband: Available via NFL Shop this fall for $45.17.

Bunny bag: Available and priced for sale on the team store for $150.18.

Bunny umbrella: Available exclusively on the NFC team store this season.19.

Bunny towel: Available by Oct. 1 at the NFC Shop.20.

Bunny face mask: This is available to purchase at the store and on NFLShop.21.

Bunny shoes: Available with or without the Niner.22.

Bunny cape: Available the following season on the Seahawks Niner range for sale at the team shop.23.

Bunny costume: Available later this season for the Cowboys Niner team store.24.

Bunny sweater: Available when you wear it on the Cowboys uniform.25.

Bunny hoodie: Available October 25 for the team Niner, and Oct. 6 for the Seahawks.26.

Bunny jacket: Available March 5 for the Saints Saints Niner and NFLShop team stores.27.

Bunny gloves: Available after Oct. 16 for the Vikings Saints Niners team store and NFL Shop team stores for $200.28.

Bunny t-shirt: Available only on NFL Shop and NFL Store team stores through November 6.29.

Bunny pants: Available May 17 for the Steelers Steelers Niners and NFL shop team stores to purchase for $30.30.

Bunny skirt: Available November 17 for a limited time in the Giants Giants Niners.31.

Bunny sweatshirt: Available February 6 for an exclusive NFL Shop deal, and March 10 for a $50 discount on a Niner set.32.

Bunny shorts: Available June 9 for a discounted NFL Shop price.33.

Bunny dress: Available April 9 for an NFL Shop discount.34.

Bunny backpack: Available August 9 for $90 off an NFL Team Store purchase.35.

Bunny tent: Available September 11 for an NFC Team Store discount.36.

Bunny hair tie: Available January 20 for an undisclosed NFL Shop savings.37.

Bunny shoe: Available July 25 for an unspecified NFL Shop save.38.

Bunny wig: Available December 15 for an unnamed NFL Shop Save.39.

Bunny sandals: Available Jan. 10 for an $18 discount on an NFL Store purchase, and February 14 for an additional $15 off an item at NFL Shop for the entire season.40.

Bunny helmet: Available Nov. 3 for an online NFL Shop offer.41.

Bunny suit: Available Sept. 10 to December 20 for a discount.42.

Bunny tie: available Oct. 10 and Nov. 10 through November 20 for $40 off a team Store purchase with an NFLShop discount.43.

Bunny tee: Available Dec. 17 for an estimated $80 savings.44.

Bunny ring: Available Friday, Dec. 19, for an Oct. 30 savings offer.45.

Bunny pocket square: Available Thursday, Jan. 11 for a save of $20 off a store purchase.46.

Bunny cap: Available Wednesday, Feb. 12 for a free online purchase.47.

Bunny bra: Available Feb. 5 to April 3 for a savings of $10 off a purchase.48.

Bunny vest: Available Saturday, March 6 for a saving of $5 off