Kylie Jenner lashes out at ‘toxic’ Instagram comments

Kylie Jenner has slammed the “toxic” comments on Instagram of a man who has labelled her “disgusting” and “sick”.

The makeup artist has also been slammed for her “very public” comments about Donald Trump.

The former reality TV star wrote a message to Instagram user jennersbeauty about the man who said he thought her skin looked like a “slab of concrete”.

“We should not be afraid to wear our skin in public, especially in public spaces,” Ms Jenner wrote.

“It’s a very personal thing, and as an artist, it’s my job to create a positive image for the world.”‘

I have been so touched by the love’Despite her stance on the comments, she is adamant she has not been bullied.

“I have not been verbally harassed, harassed or made to feel like I’m not worthy of a living because of my skin,” she told reporters on Thursday.

“People who are so passionate about their skin are the ones who make us feel valued.”

In her post, which has since been removed, Ms Jenner also thanked the men who took to Instagram to voice their support.

“My skin is beautiful.

I am beautiful.

And my story is not about being ugly or being ugly people,” she wrote.

“It is about my love for others and the way we relate to one another.”

The backlash against Ms Jenner’s comments has been swift, with some users calling for her to be banned.

“Do you realise how dangerous it is to publicly shame people?

I have been a victim of this,” said user joe-annes on Twitter.”

When you use the words ‘skin pig’, ‘pig’ and ‘disgusted’ it’s a direct insult to my body and it is dehumanising.”

Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) makeup is amazing!

I feel like all of us have a bit of a skin pig but we all deserve respect!❤️❤❤ was criticised by some of her own fans on Instagram, with one user posting a picture of her with a large tattoo of the word ‘hate’.

“If I see Kylie in the streets I’m gonna run over and punch her and take her to jail,” the user wrote.

Another user posted a picture in which Kylie is seen wearing a necklace with the words “I am KylieJenner” in black ink, which many users found offensive.

“The internet can be an amazing place to share, but when you’re making comments that degrade other people’s humanity, you’re not a friend,” said Instagram user KJ8J.