‘Scary Halloween’ makeup case to be sold at Halloween shops

The “Scary Halloween” makeup case is expected to sell out at some Halloween stores as Halloween season approaches, according to a statement released Thursday by the National Cosmetics Association.

The case was designed to scare the community by offering up “fear-based and fear-inducing” cosmetics.

It includes “natural and non-traditional” Halloween masks and a variety of Halloween accessories, the statement said.

The makeup case, which will be available in select stores nationwide on Halloween, is a $30 gift box.

“We believe Halloween should be a time for reflection, exploration and exploration of ideas and new ideas,” said Nicole Czarnick, president and CEO of the National Association of Cosmetics.

“It is important that we remember our history, our traditions, and celebrate the beauty of Halloween in a way that brings the entire community together.”

In a statement Thursday, the association said it plans to make a public announcement next week.

The National Cosmetology Association, which represents more than 3,000 companies, has long been a supporter of Halloween and Halloween products.

Its first official policy statement, in 2008, advocated for a “Scare Hallowen” mask to “enhance the Halloween spirit.”

The organization’s 2015 National Halloween Plan called for an end to Halloween celebrations that would promote the idea of Halloween as a celebration of terror and fear.

“Scary is a good word for Halloween, but it doesn’t mean it is a safe time for children,” the policy statement said, adding that “the use of Halloween masks on Halloween should not be used as an excuse to engage in unsafe or potentially hazardous activities.”

It also noted that “there are several products available on the market today that have not been proven to be safe for children under 12 years of age.”

The makeup case features two masks that feature an image of a skull and crossbones, as well as a mask that features a red eye, white nose and white mouth.

The first mask features a skull with the words “Scared Halloween” written on it.

The second mask is a mix of three different Halloween masks, each with a different face.

The mask in the case is a replica of the original costume from “Scream Queens” and features a yellow face and white teeth, as opposed to the red face and black teeth from the original.

It was created by “Scariest Halloween,” a makeup brand that focuses on Halloween and makeup products that scare the living daylights out of people.