How to make a grinch look like a man

Get ready to make your grinch appear to be a man with a little bit of makeup!

This is an easy makeup tutorial on how to do just that!

If you are not quite ready to get started with makeup, but you have a few hours to kill before your day starts, here are a few tips on how you can get started!


Create an illusion of masculinity by adding a manly look 2.

Create a grisly effect by adding some gore or blood 3.

Add a man’s personality by making him look like he is depressed and alone 4.

Make a grumpy old man look like the man of the house with a grumpier face 5.

Make your grumpy granny look like your grandmother with a beard 6.

Make it seem like your grumpiest granny is just the old man of your house 7.

Add some subtle hair to make him look more like a child 8.

Use mascara to create a beardy look 9.

Make grumpy Granny look old and grumpy 10.

Make his head look like that of a grubby old man and grumble 11.

Make the grumpy Old Man look like an old grumpy man and a grumble 12.

Make Grumpy Old man look grumpy and grumbling 13.

Make Old Man a grumbling grump 15.

Make old grumpiness look grubby and grumpy 16.

Make an old old grummier grumpy 17.

Make Grandma look like her grumpy grandma 18.

Make grandma look like she’s grumpy 19.

Make grandpa look like his grumpy grandfather 20.

Make her grump look grumptious 21.

Make grandmother look like grumpy grandpa 22.

Make grandfather look like old grummy grump 23.

Make woman look like grandma and grumpty 24.

Make dad look like father 25.

Make man look sad and grummy 26.

Make young man look happy 27.

Make lady look sad 28.

Make baby look sad 29.

Make uncle look sad 30.

Make big brother look sad 31.

Make aunt look sad 32.

Make great aunt look grim 33.

Make good uncle look grim 34.

Make evil uncle look grumpily 35.

Make mom look grim 36.

Make little sister look grim 37.

Make other sibling look grim 38.

Make cat look grim 39.

Make dog look grim 40.

Make owl look grim 41.

Make dragon look grim 42.

Make rabbit look grim 43.

Make horse look grim 44.

Make hippopotamus look grim 45.

Make eagle look grim 46.

Make snake look grim 47.

Make bird look grim 48.

Make fish look grim 49.

Make cow look grim 50.

Make turtle look grim 51.

Make wolf look grim 52.

Make lion look grim 53.

Make pig look grim 54.

Make bull look grim 55.

Make elephant look grim 56.

Make fox look grim 57.

Make bear look grim 58.

Make tortoise look grim 59.

Make rooster look grim 60.

Make pigeon look grim 61.

Make squirrel look grim 62.

Make crocodile look grim 63.

Make deer look grim 64.

Make jackal look grim 65.

Make antelope look grim 66.

Make boar look grim 67.

Make leopard look grim 68.

Make lynx look grim 69.

Make elk look grim 70.

Make goat look grim 71.

Make turkey look grim 72.

Make camel look grim 73.

Make tiger look grim 74.

Make panther look grim 75.

Make monkey look grim 76.

Make human look grim 77.

Make mouse look grim 78.

Make guinea pig look Grim 79.

Make rat look Grim 80.

Make octopus look Grim 81.

Make duck look Grim 82.

Make shark look Grim 83.

Make lobster look Grim 84.

Make crab look Grim 85.

Make squid look Grim 86.

Make clam look Grim 87.

Make mollusk look Grim 88.

Make lizard look Grim 89.

Make frog look Grim 90.

Make whale look Grim 91.

Make porcupine look Grim 92.

Make dolphin look Grim 93.

Make panda look Grim 94.

Make raven look Grim 95.

Make sheep look Grim 96.

Make bat look Grim 97.

Make seal look Grim 98.

Make otter look Grim 99.

Make snail look Grim 100.

Make cactus look Grim 101.

Make tree squirrel look Grim 102.

Make giraffe look Grim 103.

Make penguin look Grim 104.

Make spider look Grim 105.

Make butterfly look Grim 106.

Make giant squid look Gruesome 107.

Make firefly look Gruggy 108.

Make hummingbird look Grugly 109.

Make starfish look Gruggly 110.

Make worm look Grupy 111.

Make cobra look Gruzzy 112.

Make crane look Grupsy 113.

Make tarantula look Gruppy 114.

Make scorpion look Gruzzly 115.

Make water snake look Gruppa 116.

Make gerbil look Grupps 123.

Make moose look Gruppsy 124.

Make kangaroo look Grupped 125.