Miss a Makeup Remover? Get $15,000 for the Cure

The beauty industry is littered with fake online makeup sales, with brands like Bumble and Bumble, L’Oreal and Clinique all getting in on the action. 

But what if the beauty industry had a fake makeup remover? 

The idea is simple: You can get a $15 million beauty remover from beauty product makers that promise to remove makeup from your body with a few clicks of a mouse. 

These companies have taken the “fake makeup removers” business and ran with it, with makeup brands like Benefit, Ulta and MAC adding their names to the list of endorsers. 

As of March 31, we had over 5,500 beauty removers in our database from products listed on these sites, and a total of $4.6 billion was spent on cosmetics in the United States in 2016, according to the Office of Federal Trade Commission. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

A report from the Consumer Reports Institute estimated that the cosmetics industry spent $2.6 million on marketing in the 2016 calendar year alone. 

What’s worse, the beauty products aren’t all the same. 

Some are made in a factory, others with a more traditional manufacturing process. 

There are products made from natural ingredients, like mumford jones frost cream, which is made from rice and coconut oil. 

Then there are products that are manufactured with chemical ingredients, such as salicylic acid, which is used in molds, scrubs and cosmetics. 

So, what are the ingredients used in makeup removals? 

Well, there’s hydroxyacetoneamide, which you can buy in liquid form, and acetone, which has a natural chemical similar to vitamin E. Hydroxyacetones are used in cosmetics to dissolve makeup, so they can be fraudulently marketed as natural products. 

It doesn’t just make it easier to make a quick purchase; it’s also easy to sell to people who don’t have the money to buy the actual product. 

Here’s how the cosmetics companies can sell you their products, in part: “Makeup removers are sold as natural, nontoxic, safe, and affordable,” a statement from Benefits to Consumer Reports is read.

“Benefits’ product line of products includes natural and natural-derived products that provide a natural and safe way to remove product from the skin.

These products are formulated to deliver the most complete and effective product at the lowest possible cost. 

Benefit’s BeautyRemover, which was released in November 2017, features the best-performing hydroacrylic acid acrylic and magnesium stearate, which are naturally found in the skin and hair.

It contains the highest concentration of hydroxylated hydroxyacetone (HAAs) in the industry, with 2% HAAs and 0.5% MSA, and is available in three shades, Pale Grey, Deep Peach, and Medium Pink. 

Additionally, Hydroacacia, a natural colorless alcohol that helps to dissolve makeup without the use of any chemicals, is available in three shades in two sizes: Pleasant Grey, Deep Blue, and Deep Purple. 

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