Why you shouldn’t wear clown makeup while at work

I’ve seen the reactions to the makeup craze that’s swept across the country over the past few years.

In the early days of the craze, people wore clown makeup for Halloween, and then, when the craptastic trend died down, they’d wear it as a regular thing.

Then they’d come back and wear it again for the holidays.

And then they’d use it as the excuse to dress up like a clown for Halloween again, and again, until finally the entire nation came together and had an actual Halloween.

And that was enough to put the clown mask in the dustbin of history.

But now, as the Halloween season has come to a close, there’s a new generation of clowns out there that want to take advantage of this time to make up their own masks.

So what are these clown makeup look-a-like clowns wearing?

We caught up with a handful of them to get their take on the craps, and what it’s like to wear the makeup on your own in the office.