A beautiful natural wedding photo

This natural wedding picture was captured by the sun as the wedding guests arrived at their own wedding reception in the foothills of the Cascade mountains.

Natural Wedding Photo by Sara Kuchera The groom and his friends took their place at the front of the aisle in their wedding gowns, with the groom in his trademark flowing white silk gown, his bride in a red gown with a stunning cascading white rose in her left ear, and their guests standing at attention on the opposite side of the room.

At the end of the wedding, they stepped into the elevator and stepped out into the streets of downtown Seattle, the backdrop for a stunning scene of the city’s streets lit by natural sunlight.

It was a beautiful day to be married and to be a part of a natural wedding.

Sara K. Kucchera is the author of the new book “Nature’s Wedding,” a collection of photographs that captured her love for natural wedding photography in a city that has become increasingly natural-wedding-friendly.

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