How to make a grinch look like a cute little girl

When you have grinch makeup you’re doing something right.

It’s one of the best ways to get people to like you and make them want to buy your products.

But how do you make grinch looks like a lovely little girl?

The answer is to use a few tricks.

If you’re like us and have a grinder, you’re probably already a fan of this grinchy trend.

But if you’re just getting started, check out this quick tutorial.

Grinch makeup and a little girl A few days ago, we were looking at the makeup tutorial we created to make our grinch-look-like-a-little girl.

We had a few ideas, but this one is our favourite.

It uses the eyeliner brush and the blush brush to add some subtle grittiness.

To get started, brush your eyeliner on your face and apply a few coats.

Apply the blush, then put it on your cheeks.

You can also apply it on the bridge of your nose, but that’s not a great idea.

You’ll want to apply it to your cheeks as well as your eyelid, because this looks great when you’re at the beach.

Brush a few more coats of your eyeliners, then apply the blush.

You don’t need to blend your eyelashes, but you can apply a little more product on the top of the eyelid to give the look more depth.

We like to add a little extra sparkle by applying a little mascara here and there.

If your eyelids are starting to get a little bit long, it’s a good idea to add more product and make the eyelashes a little bigger.

You should finish off your look by adding some mascara and a thin line of foundation to your eyes.

This looks good when you are in a mood for makeup.

Makeup tutorial by tarte How to use the eyeliners You can either brush on a small amount of the mascara, or apply a layer to the bridge.

We use a little of the brush to make sure we’re not overdone and we like to blend our lashes.

The mascara is the one thing that really helps to create the grinch effect.

The more you apply, the more you’ll get the look.

To add some depth to the eyelids, brush the lash on with the blush and then use the mascara and blush on top.

It looks really good when the mascara is completely set, and the eyes look full and soft.

Next up is our signature look.

Make up tutorial by Selena source Makeup tutorials can be tricky, but the tutorial below shows how to make the look really simple with a little makeup.

To make this look a little less scary, apply some mascara here, a thin coat of foundation there, and finish off with a small brush of mascara.

Make Up tutorial by  Selena source How to put on grinch eyes With the eyelint, you want to start with a light coat of mascara, which is a little thinner than a normal mascara.

Then you apply a small dab of foundation on the inner corner of your eyes to make them appear fuller.

You could also use the lightest foundation you can get your hands on, but we prefer a lighter, warmer, more subtle foundation.

To apply the grinches eyes, apply a thin layer of foundation, and then add a small, dark shadow there.

This is where you add the sparkle and give it some depth.

This look is super simple, but it looks very beautiful when you wear it on its own.

The only thing we’re worried about is that it might look a bit too ‘grumpy’ if you’ve got grinch hair.

Make sure to use an eyeliner that’s really long, and a blush that is really dark and has a small bit of sparkle. 

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